Sunday, October 05, 2008

Black America, Body Beautiful - Inaugural Podcast Show - Hosts Dr. Eric Bailey and Gloria Bailey

Greetings Everyone,

As you may not know, NBCD is also affiliated with another one of our new websites -- Black America, Body Beautiful: Black America Body Beautiful website is focused on promoting more accurate and diverse representations of physical and visual images associates with African Americans.

Our vision for our website is to have all African Americans to feel more positive about their physical and visual images as well as to improve the physical and cultural imagery associated with African Americans.

One of our major activities with our website is to produce special Podcast Shows related to our mission. Black America Body Beautiful Podcast Shows are hosted by my wife - Gloria and I. We discuss and DEBATE all issues related to African American body images, body types and standards of beauty. These are topics that you will not hear discussed ANY WHERE else!

Check out our 1st Inaugural Show right here: "Why Isn't There More Positive Physical & Visual Images of African Americans in Mainstream America Media?"

After listening to our show, feel free to send us your comments at:

Come on and join our CREATIVE CONVERSATION about this issue!!

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Brand New NBCD Podcast Show - "Man Up" to Health

Greetings Everyone,

I know you were probably wondering when will there be another New Black Cultural Diet Podcast Show. Well, I have finally made enough time in very busy schedule to sit myself down to do an NBCD Podcast Show. This Podcast Show became a priority for me and I hope for many others.

My new NBCD Podcast show is entitled"

Because of the recent deaths among celebrity African American men and the fact that I just celebrated my 50th birthday, I felt obligated and inspired to do this show specifically for all the African American men & brothers in the world! This Part II show talks about more of the data and my own personal health & medical issues in order to get anyone who is listening to our shows particularly all African American males to do something POSITIVE for their health!!

The time is NOW and it is a major PRIORITY for us to help ALL AFRICAN AMERICAN MEN to "MAN-UP!"

After listening to the show, email us at: or to share your health issues or to ask for additional health or medical assistance. I am more than willing to get the most accurate health information to you!


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Saturday, July 19, 2008

New EHHD 101 Podcast - Southern States & Blacks are Most Obese in the Nation

Greetings NBCD Members,

Today, I want to inform you of my latest EHHD 101 International Podcast Show entitled, "Southern States and Blacks are the Most Obese in the Nation." This show is based upon the latest data coming from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention's report -- Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report - July 18, 2008.

Check out the International Podcast Show right here:

"Southern States and Blacks are the Most Obese in the Nation"

or check out EHHD 101 Blog to get more of my thoughts and details about this very significant show and report!

Let me know what you think! Email our show at: or call our hot line at: 252-561-5886!

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New EHHD 101 Podcast - Disparities in Physician Care

Greetings NBCD members,

I wanted to let you know that I just recorded another Ethnic Health & Health Disparities 101: Breakin' Down the Issues Podcast show. The show is called:

"Disparities in Physican Care: Experiences & Perceptions of a Multi-Ethnic America"

You can download the show right here:

Podcast Show #5 - Disparities in Physican Care

After listening to the show, please feel free to email me at: or call the hot line at: 252-561-5886 to share your comments. You can also visit the EHHD 101 blog at:

Check it out and lets make our voice heard!

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Stroke Awareness Campaign for African Americans

Greetings Everyone,

As you know with our New Black Cultural Diet blog, we examine and dialogue about as many health and medical issues as we can that's related to African Americans. Recently, I have been informed of a new public health awareness campaign focusing on African Americans and Stroke.

Stroke is the number #3 cause of death and disabilty among African Americans. Did you know that the risk of stroke in African Americans is TWICE as high as in white Americans? Stroke is very important to me because I have close family members who have had strokes and they are stroke survivors. One family member is very close to me. She is doing very well and has educated me about how she has adapted to everyday living while being a stroke survivor!

The Ad Council and American Stroke Association have released this Public Service Announement to raise awareness and help save lives in our community. Check out the video:

After you check out the video, let me know what you think about it. Email me at: Share the video with your family and friends and let's save lives!

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Ethnic Health & Health Disparities Podcast Show - Childhood Obesity

Greetings Everyone,

Well, it looks like our new Nationally Syndicated Podcast Show -- "Ethnic Health & Health Disparities 101: Breakin' Down the Issues" has taken off and being well-received by all the listeners who are downloaded the shows!! We truly appreciate the downloads and overwhelming support for our new show that focuses on the latest health and medical reports on ethnic health and health disparity issues in the United States.

Our latest show entitled, "Childhood Obesity Rates Have Stabilized?" is our discussion and debate whether the latest reports are truly accurate in claiming this major conclusion. If you would like to hear the show, check it out right here!

Podcast Show #4: Childhood Obesity Rates Have Stabilized?

Let us know what you think. Email me at: or contact me at: 252-561-5886. You can also check out our specific blog EHHD 101 Blog!
Let your voice be heard, contact us and let's do something about CHILDHOOD OBESITY FOR ALL OF OUR COMMUNITIES!!!

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Special Preview of New Nationally-Syndicated Podcast Show: Ethnic Health & Health Disparities 101 - Breakin' Down the Issues


Today, I want to share with this audience my latest venture which is Nationally-Syndicated Podcast Show called, "Ethnic Health & Health Disparities 101: Breakin' Down the Issues."

These new podcast shows highlight the current and topical health and medical issues affecting ethnic and health disparity commuities across the United States. We also examine many of the neglected health issues that gets overlooked by the national media so that we can discover new ways to reduce the misconceptions associated with ethnic health & health disparities AND arriving at solutions to ELIMINATE HEALTH DISPARITIES!

If you would like to preview our latest podcast show -- Check it out here!

Let me know what you think. Email me at: or call at: 252-561-5886 and your input may be included on our next show!

If you like it, you can subscribe to it as well. Just go to:

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